How To Survive A Downturn In Your Mobile Service Company

Have you taken the time to analyze and re-evaluate your business, your offerings, your SOPs and methodologies for getting the day today tasks done? If you’re offering remotely, curbside or to customer locations, are you taking advantage of the various softwares that are out there that can make your life easier? It’s stuff like this that can free you up to focus on growing your business even in a Pandemic and/or economic downturn.

For many Home Service Providers the landscape is relatively safe. There are certain services that will always be considered a necessity. Even non-essential products and services can quickly become hot items.

Always be brave enough to question your current business practices. Someone once told me that in five years you’ll be doing something completely different in your business than what you’re doing now. I wondered at the time ‘what will that look like for me?’. What will change? The problem is that we don’t hold the crystal ball that will tell us the answers. But we can be certain that change is always coming.

Be open to change. Observe new trends. Adopt new software methods. And don’t get stuck on old ideas.

Robert Ducharme is CEO of Routezilla, a one-of-a-kind Geography driven customer scheduling software that is designed for service companies who must visit customer locations and need to deliver top notch customer service. By asking the right questions of your customers Routezilla is able to offer fully automated customer service to your customers.

“The US on-demand home services sector currently stands at $600 billion. It has shown a steadfast growth during the pandemic and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 49% by 2021. Do you have the workflow methods in place to keep up.”

Robert Ducharme,CEO

Routezilla Software Corp.